SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10|2-4 Weeks Ship Time
SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10|2-4 Weeks Ship Time
SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10|2-4 Weeks Ship Time
SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10|2-4 Weeks Ship Time
SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10|2-4 Weeks Ship Time

SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10|2-4 Weeks Ship Time

The new Sunny Boy 6.0 succeeds the world‘s most installed residential string inverter, the Sunny Boy 6000TL. It is more than just a PV inverter: delivered with SMA Smart Connected service, it is a complete package that offers PV system owners and installers true comfort and ease. The automatic inverter monitoring by SMA analyzes operation, reports irregularities and minimizes downtime.

In 6.0 kW power class, the Sunny Boy is ideally suited to solar power generation in private homes. Thanks to its extremely light design and the modern user interface, the device can be easily and quickly installed. Current communication standards make the inverter future-proof, meaning SMA storage solutions and SMA Smart Home can be added at any time.

The world-leading Sunny Boy 6.0 provides PV system owners and installers with 100% ease and comfort. 100% ease and comfort with Sunny Boy 3.0–6.0


Maximum energy yields for private homes

Thanks to its integrated web interface for easy commissioning via a smartphone or tablet and SMA Smart Connected service, this inverter offers true ease and comfort for PV system operators and installers.


Quick and easy to install

With its reduced weight, the Sunny Boy can be installed quickly while taking up minimal space. The Sunny Boy can be commissioned quickly via smartphone or tablet thanks to its web interface.

One-person installation due to low weight of 17.5 kg

Compact design through minimum space requirements

Quick installation thanks to external connections

Intuitive commissioning and local monitoring via a smartphone or tablet

$5,138.00 USD


Product Description:

SMA - Sunny Island SI6048-US-10

The new SMA Sunny Island 6048-US inverter is based on the proven off-grid technology in the Sunny Island 5048-US but now features 20 percent more power output. A maximum efficiency of 96 percent ensures peak production, which results in reduced diesel usage and makes a smaller dimensioning of the PV array possible. The new Sunny Island with two different power ratings enable more flexible system sizing. And, with multicluster technology, up to 12 Sunny Islands can be integrated into off-grid power systems up 100 kW in size.

Key Facts and Design Guide:

Grid Types and Options:

  • Each Sunny Island is operating with 120Vac. In order to create a 120/240V split-phase system, two Sunny Islands are required, one for each phase. One will be the Master unit, the the Slave unit. Total capacity 12kW/22kWpeak.
  • Large split-phase systems can utiliye a total of four Sunny Islands. Two in parallel for each phase. Total capacity 24kW/44kWpeak.
  • For a 3-phase 120/208V system, three Sunny Islands are grouped together. Each SI providing one phase. One will be the Master unit and controlls the two other Slave units. Total Capacity 18kW/33kWpeak.
  • Larger 3phase systems utilize the SMA Multi-Cluster-Box 12 (MCB-12) that can manage four 3-phase clusters of 3 SI6048-US each for a total of max. 72kW/132kWpeak.

Battery Options:

  • Nominal Battery voltage is 48V with a wide operational range of 41V to 63V input, usable for most low voltage battery chemistries.
  • Integrated Battery Management System BMS for: Flooded (FLA), Absorbant Glass Matt (AGM), Gelled Electrolyte (GEL) and External Lithium BMS communication.
  • A multitude of Lithium Batteries work as Lead Acid drop-in replacements like SimpliPhi and Lithium battery systems that offer CANbus communication with the inverter system like Pylontech US3000C, AmpliPhi, BMZ ESS batteries

Communication and Monitoring:

  • SMA SunnyIsland systems utilize the SunnyPortal EnnexOS monitoring platform.
  • The master SunnyIsland needs the SI-485PB-NR RS485 communication module
  • RS485 will then connect to the SMA ComGateway RS485 to translate the protocol.
  • The SMA Datamanager M or Datamanager M-Lite will then communicate to the EnnexOS platform
  • AC coupled SunnyBoy inverters can then be integrated via Ethernet as well.
  • Contact Frankensolar for further technical details and system design 




Power Output 6kW
AC Voltage 120V
Battery Voltage 48V
DC Current 130/110A
Peak Efficiency 96%
CEC Efficiency 94%
Maximum DC Input Voltage 48V
Connectivity Opt. RS485


Shipping Dimensions

Weight: 139.00 LBS
Width: 47.00 (cm)
Height: 24.00 (cm)
Depth: 61.00 (cm)

Product details

Wiring and Diagrams

SMA Smart Connected

How it works

Activation of SMA Smart Connected

During registration of the system in Sunny Portal, you, as the installer, activate SMA Smart Connected and thus start automatic inverter monitoring by SMA.

Automatic inverter monitoring

SMA automatically checks the inverter for anomalies around-the-clock during operation. You and your customers benefit from SMA's many years of experience.

Proactive communication

After a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the installer and PV system operator immediately by email. Everyone is thus optimally prepared for the troubleshooting process ensuring minimum downtimes and reducing outlay and costs. The regular power reports also provide the installer with valuable information about the overall system.

Replacement Service

If a replacement device is necessary, SMA automatically supplies a new inverter within one to three days of the fault diagnosis. As the installer, you can contact the PV system operator of your own accord and replace the inverter immediately.

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Tech Specs

Power Output 6kW
AC Voltage 120V
Battery Voltage 48V
DC Current 130/110A
Peak Efficiency 96%
CEC Efficiency 94%
Maximum DC Input Voltage 48V
Connectivity Opt. RS485
Weight: 139.00 LBS
Width: 47.00 (cm)
Height: 24.00 (cm)
Depth: 61.00 (cm)
SMA Smart Connected

Investment security included

With SMA Smart Connected, SMA offers free and automatic inverter monitoring that helps installers to provide customers with a quick, targeted service. If an inverter fails, SMA proactively informs the PV system owner and the installer. In this way, PV system owners and installers benefit from minimized diagnosis and downtime. If it is necessary to replace the inverter, SMA sends a replacement device fast and free of charge.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SMA inverter work?

The SMA inverter is the core of SMA Energy Systems for your home. It converts the direct current generated by the roof-mounted PV system into alternating current as required in your home and the utility grid.

How do I know if my SMA inverter is working?

If there are no error codes, take a look at the LEDs. They should all be lit up green if the inverter is working properly. A green light on the outside of an older SMA inverter indicates that there is more than 90% output (which is excellent). A light flashes if it's below 90%

How do I add an inverter in the Sunny Portal?

1. Log into Sunny Portal. 
2. Select system. 
3. Select the menu Configuration. 
4. Select [Device management] in the context menu. 
5. Select the button. 
6. The system setup assistant opens. 
7. Select SMA device and confirm with [Next]. 8. Enter the PIC and RID of the new device and confirm with [Identify]. 
9. Select new device from the list and confirm with [Save].

Can I leave my inverter on all the time?

Once the batteries are fully charged they consume power less than 1% of their capacity. Hence keeping the inverter ON won't make any difference in your electricity bills. On the other hand, if you are leaving your home for 1 to 2 months you can switch off your inverter.

How much can you oversize an SMA inverter?

SMA takes the effect of short-term solar irradiation increase (mirror cloud effect) into account with a high short circuit capability on the DC side of the inverter. This corresponds also to an outstanding oversizing possibility of up to 250 % (peak PV array power in relation to the maximum AC inverter output power).

What is the minimum voltage required for SMA inverter?

The SMA Sunny Boy inverters' minimum DC voltage is 100V , however it requires 125V to start up.

What is the efficiency of the SMA inverter?

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters have average maximum efficiencies of 97%. Renowned for their high quality, installing a SMA inverter is a very safe bet.

Is the SMA inverter hybrid?

The three-phase hybrid inverter for homeownersWith this, SMA has combined smart technology and integrated services to create a space-saving compact system, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in storage. With Sunny Tripower Smart Energy, users can easily and conveniently generate, use and store solar power.

Is SMA battery ready?

Battery ready anytime with SMA's intelligent AC-coupled technology, your Sunny Boy PV system is battery ready at anytime.

Is SMA a string inverter?

SMA is almost unique in the PV industry as manufacturers of the full range of inverter technologies (micro, string & central). SMA's main goal in this regard is to ensure systems are designed using the most appropriate inverter technology.

What is the design life of SMA inverter?

The 25-year design life projection has been confirmed by rigorous design validation and reliability testing, including climate chamber testing, extensive field testing, and accelerated lifetime tests.

Are SMA inverters made in USA?

Our inverters call Colorado home. At SMA America, we're continually investing in American craftsmanship. With our Denver-based production facility, SMA operates the Western Hemisphere's largest PV inverter assembly line.

Do SMA inverters have rapid shutdown?

SMA residential solutions feature our proprietary ShadeFix technology paired with a SunSpec certified shutdown device, which third party testing has shown produces more power. It's also the fastest, simplest installation of any residential PV solution on the market.
How do you read a SMA inverter display?
To read the LCD display of your SMA Sunny Boy inverter, tap the face of your inverter near the display. The LCD screen will illuminate and begin displaying information. Most models display only two lines of text at a time and scroll through several informational messages.

How much is shipping?

At, you'll get the best possible shipping rates - no matter where your order is headed. Just add items to cart and checkout for exact shipping costs or contact us directly here on our website or give us a call at +1 844 448 7664 for more information. Either way, rest assured knowing that getting awesome solar products delivered quickly has never been easier.

What's the Return Policy?

At, returning something is hassle-free. Shipping costs are only yours to pay if you no longer want the item; otherwise we'll take care of any return fees and shipping for an issue with a damaged product so that your experience remains satisfactory.

Does this Inverter come with a warranty?

Rest easy knowing your purchase is completely covered! You'll get all the manufacturer warranties, plus our free lifetime customer service to give you additional peace of mind.

Where do you ship from?

We have 2 distribution centers in North America. One in Florida and another in Toronto, Canada. Depending on where you placed your order we'll be shipping from the nearest distribution center.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do! We offer Pay Bright Financing on all orders.

What sort of after-sale customer support do you have?

Get in touch with us Monday through Friday to discuss all your Solar needs via email, phone or live chat – | +1 844 448 7664

Can I get the 30% federal tax credit if I order this kit?

Before the end of the year is your last chance to take advantage of a great opportunity. Ordering this solar kit can potentially grant you up to 30% off its cost through federal tax credit. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) encourages investment in renewable energy and has been put into place by Congress as part of their Inflation Reduction Act. For more information on qualification, it may be best for you to consult a tax professional!

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